This Online Class Reveals...

What The INSIDhER Program Is All About...
First of all…

It’s NOT another dating program which shows you  “tricks” and “routines” to seduce women.

Because, the truth is... don’t need any tricks or tactics.

So, instead…

The INSIDhER program gives you the ONLY 2 INGREDIENTS you actually require… succeed with women at a level most men can only dream of!

Ingredient #1: An In-Depth Understanding of Women

The INSIDhER gives you the raw, no B.S. truth about how the female mind functions.

It shows you how we, as women, view the world… view men… and view dating and sex.

It shows you what attracts us and what “repels” us… the reasons behind that.

In simple words... hands you a PhD in female psychology.

As a result…

You don’t have to remember and “perform” canned lines, routines and tricks… the male pick-up gurus want you to.

You don’t have to go on the internet, again and again, searching for….

“How to approach women”...
“How to make a girl like you over text”...

What to do if she doesn’t reply to your text”...

And a million other things.


You’ll “intuitively” know how to deal with girls in every stage of your relationship.

From the time you’re strangers... to the time you’re on a date… the time you’re in the bedroom… even the time when you’ve “tied the knot”... if that’s what you decide to do.

In plain english: you’ll understand women at a level most men…

..,including the so-called “goo-roos” never will.

Ingredient #2: An Upgraded Version of Yourself

Apart from giving you a PhD in female psychology…

...INSIDhER also upgrades your personality…

...and makes it 10x more attractive…

...without changing who you are at your core.

Let me elaborate...

You see, as we discussed in the masterclass...

Women are primarily attracted to a man’s behavior and personality traits.

Things like confidence, leadership, playfunness, ambition etc are just as attractive to women… a slim figure and big breasts are to men.

The cool thing is…

Contrary to what many people might have told you before… don’t really need to “develop” these qualities.

You simply need to “uncover” them...

...and make it permanently stick to your personality.  

In other words...

..all the qualities that women love in a man are already inside of you!

The INSIDhER program will show you… to “plug into” these attractive qualities you already have inside you…

...and stay plugged into it 24/7!

Here’s How The Program Works…

For 4 short weeks, you’ll be on a journey with me…

...that’ll change your dating life forever!

Each week you’ll receive...
An info-packed video with lessons and directions on how to use what you learn
A list of easy exercises designed to “unlock” your most attractive qualities
A lesson in how to wipe out your approach anxiety and be fearless while walking up to women
A video clip from my “Girls Night In” - where you get to hear straight from six beautiful, amazing women.

(This is a segment where I ask them questions about men and dating. And they answer without holding anything back.)
And lastly, DOZENS of complementary bonuses!
With every passing week in the program...’re bound to become more and more attractive as a man...

...and gain a deeper understanding of the female mind.

Here’s a Sneak Peak Into
What You’ll Discover Each Week…

Week 1:  

This week we’ll touch on some basic aspects of female psychology, but the main focus of it is you.

This week we’ll jumpstart the process of uncovering the most attractive parts of you..

...and making them stick to your personality - permanently.  

Some of the things you’ll learn about this week are...
  • The Top 3 Traits Women Seek In A Lover - And How to Make These a Part of Your “Natural” Personality
  • 8 Things You Should Never Ever Do If You Wish to Date Or Sleep With a Women (Every Single One of These Is A Permanent Turn-Off ) 
  • ​A Simple, One-Time Exercise Guaranteed to Skyrocket Your Self Esteem Instantly - So You Finally Feel Like You're “Good Enough” For Hot Women
  • How to 10x Your Sex Appeal In 10 Days - An Innocent Little Secret to Unlock You Sexiest Self
  • ​One Easy Step to Stop Your Negative Inner Dialogue From “Draining” Your Confidence

Top 3 Traits Women Seek In A Lover

Week 2:

This week our focus will be to turn you into a social rockstar… the smoothest and quickest way possible.

I’m going to give you all you need to become a truly “magnetic man”...

...who naturally draws people into his world…. wherever he goes.

Whether it’s a coffee shop… a bar… a club… a restaurant… or even a college campus…

 ...after going through this week’s content…’ll be able to own any environment you set foot in…

...and make the hottest women in that place eager to meet you.

Some of the things you’ll discover this week are...

This week our focus will be to turn you into a social rockstar… the smoothest and quickest way possible.

I’m going to give you all you need to become a truly “magnetic man”...

...who naturally draws people into his world…. wherever he goes.

Whether it’s a coffee shop… a bar… a club… a restaurant… or even a college campus…
 ...after going through this week’s content…’ll be able to own any environment you set foot in…

...and make the hottest women in that place eager to meet you.

Some of the things you’ll discover this week are...

  • ​Why Women Are Drawn to Men Who Have a Great Social Life - And How to Get One In 30 Days, Even If You’re a Big Introvert Who Hates Socializing
  • ​One Small Tweak You Must Make to Your Vocal Tonality to Captivate Anyone You Like, In Any Social Environment, Within Seconds
  • ​The Only Sign You Need to Look For Before Approaching a Woman (Most Men Either Ignore Or Don’t Notice This At All)
  • ​How to Grab a Woman’s Attention In Any Environment, Without Saying a Word 
  • ​How to Unlock The Most Playful, Fun And Charismatic Side of Your Personality... That Will Naturally Draw Girls to You Like a Moth to a Flame

Week 3:

This week is SUPER important.

First, we’ll dive deep into the psychology of gorgeous women.

How they think. What drives them wild. What turns them off. So on and so forth.  

Then, you'll receive some game-changing lessons on approaching women...

...and having awesome interactions with them.

After these lessons...’ll have no problem walking up to women and chatting with them…

… EVEN IF they are “over-the-top” gorgeous…

...and EVEN IF you’re criminally shy and introverted right now.

Some of the things you’ll find out this week are…
  • 10 Important Facts About Beautiful Women ALL Men Must Know, But Most Don’t
  • ​The Quickest Way to Stop Being Intimidated By a Girl’s Beauty (Do This Once & Watch Your Confidence Shoot Up Immediately)
  • ​How to Start Talking to Any Girl You Like, In Any Situation, Without Needing Canned Lines Or Feeling Anxious
  • A Strange, Counter-Intuitive Way to Stop Feeling Nervous When Chatting With Beautiful Women  
  • ​The #1 Key to Hook and Hold a Woman’s Attention Throughout an Interaction
  • ​One Innocent Word Which Instantly Triggers Feelings of Attraction In a Girl’s Mind (Once you know it, it’ll be your favorite word in the English language!)

Week 4:

Finally, this week we’ll talk about sex.

More accurately, how to make girls see you as a sexual option instead of a “friend”…

...and how to make them eager to date you, sleep with you, and chase after you.  

Some of the things I’ll show you this week include...

  • The One & Only Thing You Need to Do to Stay Out of The Friendzone Forever 
  • Simple Tweaks In Your Language That Can Subconsciously Compel Women to “Spend The Night With You” - And Then Be Eager to Come Back For More
  • ​The Best & Easiest Way to Make Her See You As A Potential Lover, Without Saying a Single Word
  • How to Touch a Woman Without Being Creepy - And Instantly Spark Massive Attraction
  • ​How to Initiate a First Kiss Without Feeling Scared - And Make Her Want to Kiss You Back, Again And Again

And that’s only a TINY GLIMPSE!

There’s SO. MUCH. MORE.

I didn’t even touch on what you’ll get in those “Girls Night In” interview series.

That series is a box of gems.

Six gorgeous women answer penetrating questions about men, dating and attraction.

And they’re not going to give you the culturally appropriate, “nice girl” stuff most women tend to say.

They give you the real, unfiltered truth...

...based on their actual life experiences.

Some of the answers might offend you.

Some might delight you.

But all of it will open your eyes to how women view dating and what makes them tick.

For example, you’ll get to know things like...
  • The Biggest Misconception About Nice Guys - And How Nice Guys Can Finish First If They Make One Simple Change 
  • The Little-Known Psychological Reason Why Women Get Seduced By Bad Boys - Plus How You Can Take Advantage of It, Without Being An A-hole
  • What Things About a Guy Do Women Share With Their Friends?
  • What Type of “Cold Approaches” Do Women Like - Explained With Real Life Stories & Examples
  • ​What Do Women Like to Talk About With Men - And What Topics Turn Them Off Completely
  • ​What’s The Difference Between “Friendly” Talk & “Potential Lover” Talk - Explained With Examples
  • ​Why Women Like to Be Challenged By a Guy - And How to Make Her Feel That Way, Without Being a Jerk
  • ​How to Make a Woman Feel Deeply Connected to You, So That She Starts to Fear Losing You
  • ​How Should You Ask For Her Phone Number - And When Is The Perfect Time To Do It
  • ​ How to Initiate Sex With a Woman - The Best & Worst Practices - All Explained With Examples
And much, much more!!

Honestly, that’s not even a fraction of the insightful gems hidden in those interviews.

What’s more…

On top of everything you’ll learn in the main program and the girls night in the interview series…

There are also dozens… yes…

...DOZENS of bonuses
you’ll receive every single week!

In these weekly bonuses, you’ll find things like:
  • How to annihilate guys with better looks when it comes to attracting women
  • How to get a girl’s number in 30 seconds or less
  • How to make women laugh - easy tricks any guy can use, anytime
  • ​How to compliment a woman, without seeming creepy or needy
  • Unique questions to ask on a date that build massive chemistry
  • ​How to be a beast in bed, even if you’re not “well endowed”
  • ​How to make a woman orgasm using some secret “trigger words” 
  • ​ How to last longer in bed and be the best lover she has ever had
And a whole bunch of other game-changing lessons.


Check this: if you join INSIDhER program today...’ll also gain...

...lifetime membership to my inner circle. 

As a member of my inner circle...’ll get the following privileges:

Number 1: Exclusive Expert Interviews Every Month

This is where I sit with the top dating experts from around the world...

...and get them to spill their most powerful secrets, strategies and tactics…

...which other people have to pay thousands of dollars to learn.

In these interviews, we cover a wide range of topics like flirting... bantering... getting dates on Tinder... being a rockstar in bed… deeper stuff like... to select the right partner... building trust in a relationship... restarting your dating life after a divorce... and so on.     

Each and every interview can give you major breakthroughs in your life.

And all you have to do is simply sit and watch. 

Number 2: Assistance From the Wing Girl Team - On Demand

Inside the inner circle facebook group, you can reach out to us with literally any problem you face...

...and we’ll give you instantly-effective solutions.

No matter what your problem is.. .

Whether it’s “How do I get more dates on Tinder?”

... or... “How do I ask out this cute girl at my office?”

... or even... “What do I wear on a first date?”...

...we’ll give you the solutions.  

And we’ll give it to you fast.  

Other guys invest $300/month for this type of personal assistance from me and my team.

But you don’t have to pay anything as an inner circle member.


Number 3: Active Community of Like-Minded Men

Let’s face it…

We all procrastinate or get discouraged at some point... when striving to achieve a goal.

But... as an inner circle member... won’t have to worry about that.

In my inner circle’s Facebook group, there are over 4,300 highly-active, like-minded members who... each other... each other solve problems...

...hold each other accountable...

...and even help deal with minor setbacks that might come along the way.

When you have this type of a community by your side…’re bound to make great progress...

...without having to force or push yourself.

Now, generally, access to my inner circle is worth $97 a month or $1,164 per year.

But when you join the INSIDhER program today, you’ll become a member for life…

...and you don’t pay a dime!

Here’s What Other Guys
Say About This Program...

"Since starting the INSIDhER program, I have observed a seismic shift in my dating life! I also been taking a couple of sessions of coaching with Marissa! She is a Genius! No other ways to describe it! All of this is helping guide me with my approach , confidence and flirting skill! I am becoming the man I really thought I was!..

Seriously, things and dates are happening very fast! I didn’t expect that!"


Your Insidher Program has done something out of this world, for me.


I want you to know you have a great product in the INSIDhER.  I picked up just a few few techniques the first day rhat actually work great.  Your method works with Ukrainian women just so you know.  Thank You,

Kevin M.

 "This shit WORKS!" Also, like any skill (and this is certainly a skill) the more one "trains", the better one gets and thus becomes more enjoyable. 

There were tangible benefits: I saw a young lady at a locals place I go to; she had been checking me out and following what you said, I just said, "screw it, I'm talking to her"-and just basic stuff got a helluva reaction: batting eyes, giggly and she's actually excited when she sees me; this is progressing nicely. 


The INSIDhER program comes with a 60-day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee.

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The INSIDhER program comes with a 60-day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee.

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And that means, you’ve
two options now…

Option #1: 

You can let go of this opportunity that I’ve created for you…

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...and maybe try to figure things out by yourself, piece by piece...


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The choice is yours.
Just Remember…
Right now… at this very moment…

… you have your chance to become the man you’ve always wanted to be.

You can become the man who has the power to attract almost any woman he wants…

NOT because he knows some cheap “tricks” and “routines”…

But because he understands women...

And he’s naturally appealing to them.  

You can become the man who has nearly unlimited options in his dating life.

The man who doesn’t need to chase after women...

...because women tend to fight for HIS attention.

He can go to any place on earth…

A coffee shop… a bar…. a park… or even a different country...

And he can make the hottest women fall for him...

...almost at the flip of a switch!

No hesitation. No struggle.
No games. No gimmicks.

This is the type of man almost every guy dreams to be.

But for most men, it remains only a dream.

Not for you though.

You’re simply one click away from taking the first step towards…

...becoming the man who’s truly and naturally irresistible to women.

Question is: will you take that first step?

Will you say yes to an amazing, new dating life?

Or, will you pass this opportunity?

Your decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who's this best suited for?

This program is ideal for guys who are...

Sick of being rejected, ghosted and friendzoned by women
 Ready to make an immediate shift in their dating life
Willing to follow the simple instructions in the program  
Not looking to “trick” women into getting in the bedroom

It doesn't matter if you're a 21-year-old college student or a 65-year-old retired, divorced man.

As long as you fit the criteria mentioned above, this program will help you.

2. How's this different from other dating programs out there?

As mentioned before, INSIDhER is not about teaching you tricks, techniques and lines to seduce women, like other programs claim to do.
And it's not about playing games or creating a "persona" that's attractive to women, like many male pick-up goo-roos recommend.  

The purpose of INSIDhER is two-fold.

First - to give you clear insight into the female mind - so you understand how women really think about men, dating and sex - and how EASY it is to trigger attraction.
And Second - to hand you simple tools to unlock the most attractive side of your personality... that's "naturally" irresistible to women, no matter where you go.

When you've access to these two things, you don't need any sleazy tactics, routines or gimmicks to attract women.

You can simply be yourself, warts and all - and that's enough to cause attraction.

3. How do I know it'll work for me?

Hmm. Let's see...

Over 26,345 guys (and counting) have tested and reaped the benefits of this program.

Literally for 15+ years... what I teach in the program... has helped guys like you boost their confidence, overcome insecurities and get dates and sexual encounters with top-tier women... who they could never have before.

In simple words, this program is backed by a rock-solid track record of success.

And I don't see any reason why it won't work for you (given you follow the instructions in the program).

What's more...

Even on the off chance that it somehow doesn't give you the results you're after...

You have our ironclad, 60 day money-back guarantee at your disposal.

Within these 60 days, if you're not satisfied by the program in ANY way,  you can simply reach out to us at and get every penny back.
No questions asked.

So either way, there's nothing to worry about.

4. Do I need to complete it within 4 weeks itself?

You’ll have access to it for life. So you can go at your own pace.

There’s NO pressure whatsoever.

But, at the same time, I don’t want you to be a part of the “buy it and shelve it” club.

So even though you have lifetime access, it’s my personal request that you get started with the program asap.

 5.  When can I start seeing results?

The INSIDhER was built to produce immediate results.  

From the very first lesson, you should be noticing something shifting in you.

And as long as you go into this program with an open mind and commitment, you will SEE results. No doubt.

(“Results” being a shift in your confidence, how you present yourself, your mindset, how women respond to you, number of dates you get, new things that you are now comfortable saying and doing with women.)

6. What if I have questions about what I learn in the program?

You've two options.

Either you can contact us at


You can simply go to the inner circle Facebook group (which you'll receive access to as a bonus) and ask any of my assistant Wing Girls - or even the other members.

Either way, you'll have your questions answered - promptly.


The INSIDhER program

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